Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade Your Life

About Upgrade Experience

Upgrade Your Life experience is a bespoke combination of ancient practices and biohacking knowledge designed to take your body and mind to the next level:

  • Boost your energy with powerful workouts

  • Find your balance during rejuvenating yoga sessions

  • Create the feeling of home within yourself

  • Unleash your potential to become the best version of yourself in 1:1 human potential coaching sessions

  • Fuel your body with active food that gives you sustained energy, focus and joy.

    You can choose to experience Upgrade Your Life in one day, one weekend or one week at our premises in Mallorca and Ibiza, or at your premises upon request.


If you would like to take care of your body and mind now and forever, learn the newest biohacks to be happier and healthier, and practice ancient techniques to sustain the inner calm, focus and connection, then Life Upgrade experience is for you!


“Don’t retreat - upgrade your life!” is our motto. Life Upgrade is a combination of holistic wellbeing experiences focusing on psychical movement and fun filled Human Potential Coaching sessions brought to you by professional trainers and coaches, taking place in our or your finca in Balearic Islands.

Upgrade Experience Retreat Mallorca Fitness Vacations

Get stronger, lighter, toned. Intense and fun fitness activities in a group, guided by top personal trainers and yoga instructors.

Upgrade Experience Retreat Mallorca Fitness Vacations Coaching

Experience ease of finding your passion, nourishing your relationships to self and others, and knowing to define your very personal path to success. Unleash the power within in coaching sessions tailored to your life goals.

Upgrade Experience Retreat Mallorca Fitness Vacations Coaching

Enjoy clean, plant-based ‘active foods’ designed to get you into a happiness and high-performance state, without compromising the pleasure. Real fuel for your body and brain.

Life Upgrade Areas

You will experience a well balanced body-mind program:


Activities & Workouts

Our workouts will help increase your individual fitness level and help you come closer to the best version of yourself!


Move & Improve

All workouts and activities increase your individual fitness level and help you become closer to the best version of yourself.

  • Full Body Circuit: increase power and endurance and build muscles.

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training): shape your body and burn fat.

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation: Immerse yourself in the many facets of yoga, get to know your body and mind better and connect movement in harmony with your breathing.

  • Core Workout: a strong core is the base of every movement. With us, you will strengthen your centre to improve your overall performance in trainings and in everyday life.

  • Fascial Training: improves mobility, relieves pain and increases strength.

  • Morning run to the beach: Running in a group to create some endorphins, for maximum happiness and fun.

  • Mobility Training: increase your “full range of motion,” improve your active mobilty, minimize injury risks and enhance your performance in trainings.

  • SUP: cruise on a SUP along the coast, enjoy balancing and using your core, or simply absorb some sunshine offshore. The beach is just 3km away.

  • Osteopathic session: special body mind wounds need a special hand to heal (upon request).


Analytics & Advice

You can guess or you can test. Let’s measure and focus on your individual areas that will bring most fitness and performance results.


Holistic Health &
Fitness Analysis

  • medX Vitalscan: a 1:1 Session to evaluate the health of your organs and cells using the modern technology that is simple to understand and excellent at providing unique information about your body.

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS): a pre-participation screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that reduces performance.

  • Fat measurement: the three skinfold measurement for body fat percentage evaluation according to the Jackson/Pollack method.


Human Potential Coaching

Dare to become who you are meant to be. Pursue your life goals and achieve your full potential in the areas that matter most to you.


Goals & Motivation

  • In the group and individual Human Potential Coaching sessions, you will be guided through a powerful integrated process to realize your hurdles, design the solution approach with concrete steps and achieve your goals faster.

  • You will understand the four areas of your body-mind and receive tools to help you identify key elements t0 build a thriving personal and professional life, relationship to self and others being key.

  • The group session will focus on life by design, goals and motivation, and in an individual coaching session, you will be able to address one specific challenge you are currently facing.

  • All designed to be fun: sipping a smoothie, soaking feet in the water and facing the sun.

Food & Nutrition

Active food for active people. At Upgrade Experience retreats, we create food that provides your body, mind and soul with the best fuel to be happy an active everyday!


Eat & Thrive

Active food for active people. At Upgrade Experience retreats, we create food that provides your body, mind and soul with the best fuel needed to lead an active lifestyle.

  • Daily brunch and dinner, plant-based diet: gluten-free, dairy free & sugar free. Suitable for vegans.

  • Daily detox juices & smoothies, fresh fruit and nuts

  • Healthy raw vegan sweets for example energy balls, raw cakes, chocolate mousse...

  • Shopping at a local market together, followed by a co-cooking workshop



Treat yourself with a energetic breakfast to kickstart the day.


Always be alert!


Support the regeneration of your body.


Active food is made of mainly seasonal ingredients and plant-based preparation techniques.


Stay centered and be in control of your body and mind.


We use absolutely no artificial additives, table salt, highly refined oils, glutamate or flavor enhancers.